Product Introduction and Specifications

The Digiflavor DROP V2 is a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) with a 24 mm diameter and a unique, space capsule design. The device is the second iteration of the DROP from Digiflavor, and it features a drop-in style build deck with solid posts that accommodate single or dual-coil builds. It also claims to support direct lung or restricted direct lung vaping and has a deep juice well that is perfect for dripping or squonking.

Design and Features

The device has a fixed two-piece cap with a knurled airflow ring that moves smoothly and allows for precise control over the airflow. When you unbox the device, you’ll notice its unique space capsule shape, which looks like it was designed by NASA. However, it looks different from the original DROP or the V1.5, except for the DROP logo that remains unchanged. The RDA has a lot of branding, including the Digiflavor logo with the word “DIGIFLAVOR” printed below it, and the typical branding on the bottom.

The barrel and top cap have beveled tops and bottoms, and the device comes with a black Delrin 810 drip tip. It also comes in six different colors, including black, silver, and rainbow. The finishes look great, but the logos appear to be faintly worn off in some places. The RDA measures 39.5 mm in height, including the 510 and drip tip, and 24 mm in diameter. At the base, it is 22 mm due to the bevel, which some users may not like.

Build Deck and Wicking

The build deck has an outer diameter of 21.3 mm and features drop-in style solid posts that do not have “hoop” style post holes like the original DROP. This feature made it difficult to trim coil leads after installation and caused some users to break the posts when overtightening the leads. With the new solid posts, it is less likely that they will break. Additionally, the new posts prevent cotton strands from snagging on sharp ends, making it easier to untuck the cotton during cotton changes.

Another issue with the original DROP was that the post screws would push the coil lead off to the side and pinch it in the corner of the post hole. The V2 has rounded corners, and this issue appears to be solved. The device is well-machined, and all of the O-ring tolerances are perfect. The airflow control ring has two vertical rows of three airflow slots on each side for a total of twelve, and they measure 4 mm x 1 mm each.

Accessories and Manual

The device comes with some accessories, including two bags with two 3 mm N80 tri-core fused Clapton coils and two pieces of 3 mm shoelace cotton in each bag for a total of four coils and four cotton laces. The package also includes a tri-tool, a BF pin, extra flathead post screws, and O-rings. However, it only has one drip tip, and there’s no 510-drip tip adapter or coil cutting guide. The manual also lacks information on where to cut the leads during installation.


Overall, the Digiflavor DROP V2 RDA is a great device that offers a unique space capsule design and excellent performance. The drop-in style build deck with solid posts makes it easy to install and maintain coils, and the knurled airflow ring provides precise control over the airflow. Although the device lacks some accessories, the included N80 tri-core fused Clapton coils and shoelace cotton are a nice touch.