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An Australian political party has revealed its plan to legalize vaping in the country 

An Australian political party has revealed its plan to legalize vaping in the country

Australia has some of the strictest vaping regulations in the world. As of October 2021, vaping products can only be purchased via prescription from pharmacies. This move was criticized by tobacco harm reduction experts, who warned that it would be counterproductive. Unfortunately, their predictions have come true, as most vapers have turned to the black market or purchased products overseas, leading to an increase in teen vaping rates and a stall in smoking cessation rates. Similar patterns have been observed in countries such as Malaysia and the US, where the products have been banned or over-regulated.

Despite the regulations, disposable vapes are reportedly still being sold under the counter in many tobacconists across Australia, and delivery services are easily accessible via social media. According to a 17-year-old vaper named Ruby, it is easy to find small dealers who operate in local areas by searching on your phone. She said that you can simply ask for a vape and meet them in person to receive it.

An Upcoming Change?

Dr. Colin Mendelsohn, an Australian tobacco harm reduction expert and activist, recently shared on his blog that the Greens party in the state of NSW has proposed a plan to regulate vaping. The Greens party has long supported harm reduction strategies and recognizes that Australia’s smoking rates are higher than those in countries where vaping is endorsed.

Dr. Mendelsohn believes that the Greens party could have some bargaining power, as they do not have a majority and the Labor party needs support from minor parties. He also noted that there is some momentum building, as the Greens in Tasmania recently voiced their support for vaping and the Nationals announced their support for vaping federally.



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Final Verdict

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