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Expert Opinion: Why Do Some Vape Coils Last Longer Than Others? 

Vaping has become an increasingly popular pastime for many, and with that comes a variety of questions from curious users. One common inquiry is why some vape coils seem to last longer than others. To answer this question, we spoke with our Technical Director, Liam Humberstone, who is an expert in the field of vaping.

Variations in Coil Life

The frustration of a worn-out coil inside an atomizer head is something that many vapers can relate to. Flavors disappear, vapor production diminishes, and a burnt taste can be present, making it clear that a fresh coil is needed. However, the life of a coil differs from one type of atomizer head to another, as well as between individual coils of the same type.

Liam compares this to the production of “incandescent” light bulbs, which also rely on a heated wire filament to do their job. It is difficult to create coils that perform uniformly across production batches. While many light bulb manufacturers have struggled with this, Liam believes that they are doing better than some.

How Vape Coils Work

To understand why some coils last longer than others, it is essential to understand how they work and how they fail. The coil in an atomizer head heats e-liquid to approximately 260° Celsius to evaporate it. At this temperature, e-liquids can be unstable, and tiny amounts of carbonized e-liquid can be deposited on the coil and the wicking material that contacts it.

The wick is responsible for delivering e-liquid to the coil, and if the coil and wick are not in perfect contact, some areas of the coil may run hotter than others. This uneven heating can lead to a build-up of carbon in some areas more quickly than in others, resulting in reduced flavor and vapor production.

Tips for Prolonging Coil Life

To extend the life of vape coils, Liam recommends keeping power levels low, vaping gently and smoothly, and choosing more stable e-liquid flavors, such as menthol. However, he admits that he does not personally follow these guidelines, as some of his favorite atomizer heads do not have the longest lifespan. Instead, he suggests always keeping a supply of spare coils on hand as a small expense to enjoy uninterrupted vaping.

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