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FDA Rejects Vuse Solo Menthol Refills Because of Youth Appeal 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has rejected two menthol refills for the Vuse Solo, a basic vaping device that resembles a cigarette. The FDA cited the substantial risk of menthol e-cigarettes in appealing to youth as the reason why the refills did not meet the agency’s public health standards.

Since August 2021, the FDA has issued marketing denial orders (MDOs) for millions of flavored e-liquids and pre-filled devices while holding most menthol products under review. Nevertheless, the agency denied several menthol refill applications for previously authorized mass-market vaping devices, including the Logic Pro and Logic Power.

Reynolds, the manufacturer of Vuse, is likely to contest the MDO in court, as it did with the Ciro and Vibe menthol denials. The Alto PMTA, which leads in the convenience store/gas station vaping products market, remains under FDA review.

Despite National Youth Tobacco Survey data indicating that Vuse is the “second most common brand youth e-cigarette users reported ‘usually’ using,” all three FDA-authorized Vuse products (and their menthol refills) are unpopular with users of all ages.

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