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French Council Temporarily Halts Ban on Low-THC Cannabis Sales

French Council Temporarily Halts Ban on Low-THC Cannabis Sales 

A recent ruling by the Council of State in France has temporarily suspended a decree that was put in place to prohibit the sale of cannabis flowers and leaves containing less than 0.3% THC. The suspension came on January 23, 2022, and is awaiting a final decision by the Council of State.

The suspension was granted on the basis of doubts regarding the harmfulness of such products, which would otherwise have resulted in a legal and absolute ban. The judge responsible for the decision believed that the measure appeared to be disproportionate and unjustified.

While the suspension of the decree is provisional, it has nevertheless enabled the sale of such products to continue in all forms. The Council of State will examine the case in depth and make a final decision on the matter.

The Mildeca, Inter-ministerial Mission for the Fight against Drugs and Addictive Behaviours, has announced that it will take a decision on whether or not to propose a new decree after the judgment of the Council of State. This uncertainty has created significant concerns for the industry, which requires long-term visibility to invest and develop.

The ultimate decision of the Council of State will have far-reaching implications for the cannabis industry in France. If the decree is definitively canceled, it will allow for the continued sale and marketing of cannabis products with low levels of THC. However, if the ban is upheld, it could have a significant impact on the industry’s growth and development.

Regardless of the final decision, it is clear that there is a growing debate about the use of cannabis in France. The country has historically taken a strict approach to cannabis consumption and sale, but there is now increasing pressure to legalize the drug for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

It remains to be seen how the Council of State will ultimately rule on the issue. However, the outcome will undoubtedly have significant consequences for the cannabis industry in France, as well as for those who use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes.

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