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Innokin Launches “Vape For The Planet” Campaign to Promote Sustainable Vaping

Innokin Launches “Vape For The Planet” Campaign to Promote Sustainable Vaping 

Innokin, a manufacturer of vaping products, has launched a campaign called “Vape For The Planet” to promote sustainable vaping practices. This initiative coincides with Earth Day 2023 and aims to educate consumers on making environmentally friendly choices while offering discounts on sustainable product lines.

Innokin has always been focused on sustainability, as evidenced by its fully recyclable packaging, battery recycling initiatives in France through Recycle 4 You, and reforestation efforts with One Tree Planted. To commemorate the company’s 10-year anniversary in 2021, Innokin planted 3,650 trees in the Amazon rainforest.

Innokin’s core product lines, including the Platform series and Endura series, are designed to last for 1-3 years of regular use, providing a sustainable and reliable alternative to combustible tobacco. Additionally, the company has reduced waste in the disposable category with models like the INNOBAR F3 and Aquios Bar that feature a 95 percent reduction in plastic by using a reinforced card shell design.

The “Vape For The Planet” campaign starts with a direct donation to One Tree Planted to conserve nature and promote reforestation efforts through tree planting. The company will also offer site-wide discounts on sustainable vaping devices through their online outlet, allowing vapers to reduce their environmental impact when vaping.

To further promote sustainable vaping practices, Innokin will produce a survey to gain insight into how the industry can reduce waste. The survey will be available on Innokin’s website Vape For The Planet, where customers can also learn more about sustainable vaping practices and Innokin’s efforts towards a greener future.

Disposable vapes are a major environmental concern in the vaping industry, as they produce more waste than refillable and reusable devices. The “Vape For The Planet” campaign aims to educate consumers about the benefits of using permanent vaping devices, which significantly reduce the environmental impact of vaping while providing a long-term alternative to combustible tobacco.

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