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Press Release: The Korea Vape Show – The Center of the E-Cigartte Industry in East Asia

Press Release: The Korea Vape Show – The Center of the E-Cigartte Industry in East Asia 

KOREA VAPE SHOW, placed at KINTEX 2 from July 21-23, East Asia’s most notable VAPE SHOW, is a special opportunity for VAPE companies around the world!

The KOREA VAPE SHOW [KOVAS 2023], the most influential VAPE EVENT in East Asia, will be held for three days from July 21 (Fri) to 23 (Sun), at KINTEX, Korea’s most influential exhibition hall, and will be held the fourth time this year.

KOREA is the emerging VAPE market in East Asia, but KOVAS 2023 is the only VAPE SHOW in Korea. In addition, KOREA VAPE SHOW is a TRADE EXHIBITION in which global companies from all over the world participate and form a network of global VAPE industries to capture business meetings and general visitors.

KOVAS 2023, which is set to be held for the fourth time this year, will display various items such as vape devices, E-LIQUID, accessories, VAPE-related books and systems, and storage facilities.

In addition, KOVAS 2023 will hold an award that honors participating companies as the best of the year. It consists of the device part and the liquid part, and all visitors to KOVAS 2023 vote for the best product after experiencing the product in person.

This year, KOVAS 2023’s DIAMOND sponsors are aspire, GEEK VAPE, PAX VAPE, PLATINUM sponsor is HAKA, and GOLD sponsor is MONSTER VAPE. The sponsors are preparing various performances to participate in KOVAS 2023 in the exhibition hall, and KOVAS 2023 participants will provide various events and samples.

Meanwhile, the KOVAS 2023 organizer will invite top Asian actors as special guests and is said to be preparing various gifts and events for visitors.

The center of the East Asian VAPE industry and VAPE companies around the world! If you want to be one of the companies, you can contact or

If you want to meet various global VAPE companies in Korea at the VAPE Show, you can enter for free after pre-registration on the KOVAS 2023 website( now.

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