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Vaping and Fashion Trends: How They Influence Each Other 

The vaping industry has become increasingly popular in recent years as people look for healthier and more enjoyable habits. The fashion world has taken note of this trend and found ways to incorporate vaping into their style. From model endorsements to stylish cases, the two industries are coming closer than ever. Here are some ways in which fashion trends are influencing the vaping industry’s progress:

The 90s Chic Esthetique

In the 90s, it was common to see runway models with long, sleek cigarettes in their hands. This trend disappeared as smoking was increasingly viewed as unhealthy. However, vaping has made a comeback with the heroin chic aesthetic. Vape manufacturers have experimented with thinner, more elegant designs to match this trend.

Vaping Models and Influencers

Influencers and models from various fashion brands have been hired to promote vaping as a healthier option than smoking. Designers have also dressed their models in the “vaping spirit” to give them an edgier, street look.

Vapes Present on the Catwalk

Vaping devices have not only been seen in fashion magazines like Vogue but have also made their way onto the runway. Many fashion brands include vape pens as accessories to their designer dresses, and some have even dedicated entire fashion shows to the “vaping style.”

Change in Vape Size

As baggy and simple styles have become more popular, designers have created vape pens that will fit into any pocket or pen holder. Vape manufacturers have also introduced new table unit vape devices or vape mods that can be easily carried in larger purses or backpacks.

Vape Clothing and Accessories

Many clothing brands have started creating pieces that have a vaporizer attached to them. Hoodies with e-cigarettes and vaporizer holders attached to the laces are one example. Designers have also created necklaces or chains where you can put your vape pen.

Vapes to Match the Style

The fashion industry has influenced the types of vapes available as vape enthusiasts can now customize their vape devices to match their outfits. Personalized vapes can also be useful in differentiating them at a party.

The Uproar of Vaping Culture

Vape pens and their manufacturers have tried to cater to different groups by creating designs that match different styles. There are vape mods for those wearing baggy clothes and simple vape pens for those wearing sleek jeans. An all-black-coating vape pod can fit the goth style, and an elegant pink pen can be the finishing touch to a cheerleader’s outfit.


Both the vaping and fashion industries are closely interrelated today. The fashion industry will continue to influence the vaping industry due to its long history of using smokeables as an accessory to clothing. What was once fashionable with a cigarette is now replaced with a colorful vape.

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