Smoking cigarettes not only harms your health, but it also poses a significant threat to our environment. Each year, around 4.5 trillion cigarette filters end up as environmental waste, polluting our oceans, parks, soil, and beaches. It takes ten years for filters to decompose, during which they leach harmful chemicals into the environment, killing wildlife and hindering the growth of natural vegetation.

Compared to cigarettes, vaping is a relatively new trend, and while it still causes some environmental damage, it’s a better way to consume nicotine. However, there are steps vapers can take to reduce additional environmental harm.

Here are five eco-friendly vaping tips to help reduce your environmental footprint:

  1. Opt for refillable devices: Instead of using disposable vapes, which end up in landfills, invest in a refillable vape. Refillable vapes not only save money but also help reduce waste.
  2. Reduce power usage: Turning off your device when not in use, and not leaving it plugged in longer than necessary, can conserve battery life and reduce energy consumption.
  3. Use organic vape juice: Switching to organic vape juice reduces pollution from the production processes that propylene glycol (PG) based juices demand. Vegetable glycerin (VG) alternatives are better for the environment, as they use biodegradable materials and meet standards set by authorities.
  4. Recycle components: Vapes are made up of many different materials, some of which are hazardous. They should never be thrown in the trash, littered, or dumped into water supplies. Instead, inquire whether your local vape shop accepts old vape coils, batteries, and juice bottles for recycling. Additionally, your local recycling company should also accept these items. To dispose of old vape juice, soak it up with absorbent materials like sawdust or cat litter before disposing of it in a biodegradable bag.
  5. Buy locally: Try purchasing your vape hardware and liquid from a local shop to reduce transportation costs and shipping waste packaging materials.

In conclusion, vaping is a better alternative to smoking, but it still has an environmental impact. By following these five eco-friendly vaping tips, you can reduce your environmental footprint and make your hobby more sustainable, allowing future generations to enjoy the same pastime.