Product Overview and Specifications

The VINCI 3, produced by VOOPOO, is a new pod system that feels like a cross between a pod system and a box mod. VOOPOO is a well-known vaping company that gained popularity with the release of the original DRAG mod. While their products have been hit or miss, their pod systems have been generally good, and I am excited to try the VINCI 3.

The VINCI 3 features a screen, adjustable output from 5-50 watts, fully adjustable airflow, and an internal 1800 mAh battery. It uses pods with a 4 mL capacity and the widely available PnP coils, with a variety of options to choose from. The device is rectangular in shape and has a solid metal frame with plastic panels on the front and back for design, as well as rubber on the bottom for stability.

There are five color options available, and the device has a basic 0.69-inch black-and-white screen that displays battery percentage, watt setting, puffs, and coil resistance. The clear pods have a juice window that allows for easy monitoring of the juice level. Overall, the device is sleek, well-designed, and solidly built, with all the features of a pod system.

Getting Started

The VINCI 3 is best for vapers with some device experience, as it is an advanced pod system. It has one button, which can be clicked five times to turn on and off, or three times to enter wattage adjust mode. In this mode, the wattage can be adjusted by holding down the button to cycle or clicking it to adjust. The button also acts as a fire button, but the device is also draw-activated, which is personally preferred for pods. It will automatically adjust to the max wattage based on coil resistance.

Filling the pod is simple, as the tip cover can be pushed back to expose the fill hole with the rubber flap. The pod is magnetic and can be easily removed and replaced, with the coil also being easy to remove and replace by hand.

Overall, the usage is perfect for someone with a little experience in vaping devices, but it is still beginner-friendly with easy-to-replace coils, practical air slider, easy filling, and great juice window.


The VINCI 3 uses the existing PnP coil line from VOOPOO, which is fully compatible with all options ranging from 10-watt MTL to 40+ watt DL coils, as well as an RBA option. The device comes with the Pnp-TW30, a 0.3-ohm coil rated at 28-36 watts for DL vaping, and the PnP-DW60, a 0.6-ohm coil rated at 18-23 watts for a loose MTL to really restricted DTL vaping.

Starting with the 0.3-ohm coil, I found that 30 watts with mostly open airflow provided decent flavor, but the coil life was not great. The PnP-DW60 coil provided a better experience for loose MTL vaping or restricted DTL vaping. The draw on the device can range from solid MTL to solid DL based on how the dial on the “Mobius” airflow is set.

Overall, the VINCI 3 is a solid and versatile pod system that offers excellent features and performance for vapers with some device experience. Beginners can also quickly learn to use the device due to its user-friendly features.