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WITCO Explores Vaping Products and Cannabis Use, Emphasizing Consumer Safety

WITCO Explores Vaping Products and Cannabis Use, Emphasizing Consumer Safety 

The West Indian Tobacco Company (WITCO), a Trinidad and Tobago-based tobacco company, is considering expanding its product line to include vaping products, while also exploring the use of cannabis. The news was reported by Trinidad Express, which noted that the company’s managing director, Raoul Glynn, spoke about these developments in a recent interview.

Glynn emphasized that vaping products are significantly safer than cigarettes, with a 95 percent lower risk profile. As such, WITCO intends to cater to consumers who prefer this option. He acknowledged that cigarettes will still be available for smokers who prefer that form of tobacco use.

However, WITCO is also actively researching the effects of cannabis on users. According to Glynn, the company recognizes that the plant has both relaxing and negative effects on users, and it is crucial to be cautious in introducing cannabis-based products to the market. He emphasized that the company would not introduce any products that could pose risks to consumers, adding that the group has conducted extensive research on cannabis, including a study conducted in the United Kingdom with consumers.

Speaking about the study, Glynn said that the company would take the learnings and see if it is ready to go to market. However, he added that, at this stage, it is still a bit far off. The study was conducted to determine the effects of cannabis use on users, and it yielded some valuable insights that the company could use to develop products in the future.

WITCO’s move to explore the use of cannabis and vaping products is not surprising, given the trend towards increased acceptance and legalization of these substances in various parts of the world. However, Glynn emphasized that the company would be cautious in introducing these products, given the potential risks associated with them.

In conclusion, WITCO’s consideration of cannabis and vaping products reflects the changing landscape of the tobacco industry, as companies adapt to changing consumer preferences and attitudes towards these substances. While it is still unclear when or if WITCO will enter these markets, the company’s emphasis on caution and consumer safety is reassuring, and it bodes well for the future of the industry.

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