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YOOZ: Innovating in the E-Cigarette Industry 

YOOZ, a young company in the e-cigarette industry, has been expanding its trade to different regions such as Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, receiving positive feedback from vapers globally. The company has been growing fast and steady, committed to creating a better lifestyle for vapers around the world through implementing science and technology in the production of their products.

Affordable YOOZ Mini

In 2020, the company released the YOOZ Mini device at a very affordable price, which gained worldwide recognition and generated substantial sales for their distributors.

Recycling of Used Pods

YOOZ is committed to environmental protection, and its production facilities and techniques follow strict regulations to ensure that their products are environmentally friendly. In line with their clean environment strategy, the company adopted a recycling program in which used pods of any brand can be traded for new YOOZ pods, which are then recycled in an environmentally friendly recycling plant.

YOOZ Offline Music Festival

The company’s presence is strongly felt in many well-known music festivals. They choose partners selectively, looking for brands that focus on cultural exchanges and communication with a sense of social responsibility and obligation. They place great importance on the cultures of various communities, hoping to bond with young adults through cooperation with well-known overseas IPs and fostering brand culture, building a closer connection with its users.

YOOZ Month

The ongoing 929 YOOZ Month Festival is the most anticipated marketing event for YOOZ. Since expanding abroad, it has gained support and trust from overseas and domestic customers. The success of YOOZ today would not be possible without the support of YOOZ’s partners and YOOZers. In this special month of September, it will launch its new product, the zero-nicotine pod, which will be a breakthrough in the vaping industry due to its healthy nature and user-friendliness. The organizers of the event have also prepared creative gifts for all participants.

Exchanges and Communications

Through promotional activities, the company has reached out to the vaping community and given the new generation of young vapers a deeper understanding of their products, as well as its brand spirit and social responsibility. The company looks forward to bringing pleasant surprises to overseas markets in the future.

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